Happenstance Workshop have been making shelving for years, in all different shapes, sizes and styles. After working on a variety of jobs, the team here  created a range of shelving and cabinets that work to fit a contemporary range of customers’ homes. The shelves and cabinets are modern yet still bright and colourful, they appear lightweight but hold a substantial load. With easy interchangeable depths the shelves can change as you change.


“We wanted to make a shelf that didnt say too much, but subtly made an impact. It was important that it was easy to fit and easy to change, our customers are very accomodating but no body wants a loud encumbersom fitting. Often we can fit a whole living room in half a day. Our specially designed bracket means shelves only use two holes and sit ever so slightly in front of the wall, making light work of curved victorian walls. After they are up if you want to change the depth, you just pull the shelf out and swap it for another.” – Jordan Watson, designer and co-founder at Happenstance Workshop.


Each shelf comes with two brackets and fixings for your specific wall type. To swap a shelf simply pull the plank out and insert another into the brackets.


Shelves range from £80-110
Cabinets range from £500 – £800


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